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Black Friday Fulfillment Update

Good afternoon! 

Just wanted to give you an update regarding shipping orders from last weekend's sale. I'm working on some of them now, and will continue to in between book recording (meeting a deadline by next Friday) and leading up to mid-month to make sure those of you who ordered while I still had stock get your purchases before Christmas.

(Thanks again for the support, always.)

A couple things to remember:

  • Some people got to the store early enough to be among those who will receive their shipments based upon my current inventory.
  • Some people got to the store later and *preordered* apparel that will be sent out at the beginning of the year. 
  • Everyone who purchased a mug — or an order that includes a mug — will please remember that your orders will not ship until January 2022. 

As a reminder, this was clearly stated on the store page when you made your purchases (see the screenshot here):

That said, as I get ready to start sending these out, I'd like to request something of you:
when you get your order in the mail will you please let me know? You can tag me on social media or shoot me an email response by hitting reply here.

I made some shipping changes to try to make last weekend's sale more affordable for everyone, but I'm shipping from a new place and just want to make sure that everything is getting to where it needs to go.

I'm doing my best to get everything fulfilled as quickly as possible. I've had to make some difficult but necessary adjustments to my shipping/fulfillment workflow this year, and if things seem slow... they are. I'll have new systems set in place come beginning of the year, and I appreciate your support, patience and understanding in the meantime. 

Thank you very much,