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Not doing


They say that those who can’t do, teach, 
which I interpret as denigrating.
But yesterday, over a cup of coffee,
Bradley (the student) asked me (the sage)
how to extract something out of a blank page, and
I told him that I didn’t know, but that the goal
(which I have heard from teachers who have done)
is to show up — every day — and wait. 

I have “done” exactly that for hours now,
and it feels like failure which — I hear —
is life’s greatest teacher. 

So perhaps there is something to that saying, after all. 
But don’t get me wrong: 

not doing is a hard thing to do. 



👆 Day No. 05 of Austin Kleon's 30 Day "Practice and Suck Less" Challenge

This afternoon’s exercise was inspired by a Coffee Date conversation I had the privilege of enjoying with Bradley yesterday, and a whole lot of practicing to suck less at showing up today. 

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