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If you write for everybody you write for no one, so this will be for you.

Back To The Future Feb 23, 2021

Gawa stands with her hands on her hips,
clubbed thumbs facing forward,
the same direction as her daydream, 
projecting out through canted bay windows,
re-fertilizing boppa's sod-plugged front lawn
in her film-reel (close both eyes,
see with the other one),
like they did when they bought the place.

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There is a Starbucks Coffee Feb 22, 2021

on the corner of 6th and Congress, in Austin, Texas.
There used to be a bench (on the 6th side —
maybe it is still there)
an eight-minute walk from the Colorado River,
flowing beneath a bat colony
whose residents love to show off
in the evenings.

I was a college dropout
with a sewing kit in...

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A Wilderness Morning Feb 20, 2021

I’ve never practiced Lent before. This year, I wanted to.

I’ve always thought about it on the day of (or the day after) and then decided that I was too late. 

I’ve been in the wilderness lately — in books, and in practice. 

My friend Doug Peterson told me...

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Ravi Feb 13, 2021

I just finished reading Jackie Hill Perry’s tweet thread about all of the sexual abuse that Ravi Zacharias’ subjected women to during his time in ministry. There are a million ways one could go with his thoughts here — with what he could address. I don’t feel much...

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You don't know magic Feb 11, 2021

Last September, I had an experience that led me to acknowledge a true thing about myself — I am a liar. Or, I am more prone to lying than I was aware of.

As a liar, I guess I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not that's true. 

I didn't really know that I was a liar,...

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