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it’s all worth living for


a memoir, of sorts, featuring 10+ years of poetry, prose, journal entries, essays, photography, illustration, handwritten commentary and artwork

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 Your Memories

These are real texts from real humans who have been kind enough to share their LTP memories with me…. Do you have any?

Help me remember some of your favorites by texting them to +1 (505) 209-8347



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it tastes like a morning liturgy
and my great-grandfather’s high fives
don’t forget that there are voices
on the outside of your head, too

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About The Author

Levi Macallister is a multidisciplinary recording artist, author, poet, performer, commission writer, business-owner and [fill-in-the-blank] from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Born the introverted son of a father whose mental illness led to suicide, and a mother who clung to her faith, levi turned to writing as a therapeutic means of private expression... 

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“You’ve been a friend to me in places that I have not allowed others to venture. when I have been in the pit... you have gotten down into it with me."




“To witness beauty and bravery and vulnerability and real-ness so blatantly is something that one does not do every day; it is alive and it promotes life. Thank you for following this dream of yours.”


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