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A one-on-one conversation / consultation to help you take the next step on your creative journey.

Have a question? Need a poetry lesson? Writing, performance, tour, booking or marketing advice? Wanna talk about faith? Burnout? Mental health? Storytelling?

Let’s meet! If I'm in your town, we'll do it in-person. Otherwise — Facetime, Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts work just fine.

(And if you'd rather bring a bourbon, I won't complain.)


Get one-to-one time with Levi to talk about your creative endeavor, dreams and plans.

Every day, I receive emails, comments, messages and notifications from people with questions about writing, creativity and art, faith and spirituality, mental health, how to build a life as an independent artist, and more: 

I want to write, but don't know where to begin. How did you get started?

Would you be willing to give me some feedback on my writing/poetry?

Could I ask you some questions about your life, faith or work?

I'm struggling to discover my own creative voice — how did you find yours?

I need help getting my work in front of more people... Can you help me / tell me how?

What kinds of tools do you use to keep on doing what you do? Email? Website? How?

You write a lot about God, mental health and spirituality — can we talk about that?

I am drawn to performance poetry but I'm terrified of getting up in front of people — help!

How do I publish a book? What about writer's block? What do you do when you're experiencing burnout?

 The list goes on.

I love to help people get started, or take the next step in their evolution as artists. 

But I’m also a human, with limited bandwidth and time, just like the rest of us.

I could answer emails all day long and never get anything creative done (which wouldn’t give anyone much of a reason to ask these questions in the first place)!

That said, if you’ve got a question that you think I can help with, please schedule a time with me, and we’ll get on a phone call to do a deep-dive together.

Can’t wait to meet!



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