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Creative Commissions


Pleased to make your (digital) acquaintance.

Below, you’ll find all details available and offered as Creative Commissions, including examples of writing, recording, process and delivery from select work thus far—whether for individuals, small businesses, non-profits and/or other organizations.

Thank you for the honor it is to be trusted with your upcoming project.

— Levi


LTP’s Creative Commissions is an opportunity to receive a custom poem / creatively written (and—should you so choose—recorded) piece, specifically for you (or, for whomever you choose to gift it to).

I also write these pieces—in addition to my copywriting work—for small businesses, non-profits and other companies / organizations interested in novel and creative ways to articulate their story / messaging.


Click any of the links available to see examples of inspiration information, deliverables, and a highlighted, detailed breakdown of how I integrate the commissioner’s vision into their final product.

Sarah shared her life story so that I could write her a creative reminder about her worth in this world.

πŸ‘‰Read / listen here.

A commemorative, ten-year anniversary poem for my alma mater — East Mountain High School, Sandia Park, New Mexico.

πŸ‘‰Read / listen here.

A birthday gift for a friend, based upon his Enneagram personality type, love for mystery found in poetry, and the compassion he has for others.

πŸ‘‰Read / listen here.

The groomsman wanted a wedding gift for his wife based upon their relationship’s journey through time, sci-fi and D&D.

πŸ‘‰Read / listen here.


My commissioned pieces cost anywhere between $500-$1500 according to desired packages purchased and deliverables contained therein. Pending due date, your purchased may be subject to rush fees. Details will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


A written poem, delivered digitally and explained with notes according to the information given to me by you/your organization at the start of the project.



All of the above + a personalized video breakdown wherein I record my process as specifically related to your project and the inspiration given.



All of the above + a physical version of your piece, typewritten on high-quality card stock, dated, signed, stamped and mailed to your door.



All of the above + a professional, studio-recorded audio version of your piece, delivered to you as an audio file.



All of the above + a professionally recorded video of your piece (delivered specifically to you, while retaining rights to the possibility of a full-fledged, public release from Levi The Poet channels, as well).



Please be as detailed as possible so that I can get as clear a picture as possible of your desired outcome and understand how to get there in order to meet your specific wants and needs.  


Payment, ownership, privacy and service details for your Creative Commission.

Pay Structure:

I require a downpayment of half up front, and half to secure delivery. All payments can be made via PayPal to: [email protected]


Turnaround Time:

I am currently working within a Net 30 delivery window. Please allow up to one full month between inquiry and delivery for your custom, creative commission.


What Else?

I ask for the ability to retain rights to my work, even when it is commissioned. What I mean by that is: should the piece become something that might fit well as a release at some point beneath the “Levi The Poet” moniker, I would retain the rights to use/release it as such. If that happens, and if you are interested:

  • I would likely share the story about how it came to be, which would include our conversations / collaborative back-and-forth as this becomes what it is!

  • I would ask you if you have any interest in recording a podcast episode with me to talk about our process together.

Of course, if there is some specific reason / extenuating circumstance in which a public release of this piece would be unsettling to you as the commissioner, then simply say so. I am open to conversation about your anonymity, and / or petitions for keeping the piece entirely private. (I.E. – I also want you to feel safe with your story in my hands.)


Please Note:

As the artist / owner of Levi The Poet and the arbiter of these offerings, I reserve the right to deny service to anyone, without question, according to my discernment regarding any content I deem unsuitable for release beneath the LTP moniker. All creative commissions are subject to my consent and approval before moving forward with publicly releasing any content beneath my name / likeness / company.

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