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Support Levi The Poet’s creative work by joining The Fraction Club, where you’ll receive exclusive patron-perks like:

Access to unreleased writing – including poetry, essays and articles – video broadcasts, audio podcasts, the private online Discord community, and more.

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Hi, my name is Levi. I've been creating art as a writer, speaker and spoken-word poet for ten years. Click any of the options below to read more of the what and why behind my work, and consider helping me continue in it by joining The Fraction Club.

Standing Room


Includes the following The Fraction Club fundamentals:

⭐️   The LTP Weekly Letter: Exclusive stories, inspiration and private musings each week, delivered straight to your inbox, including articles I haven't shared anywhere else, and personal updates on projects I'm working on. This archive of written letters spans the course of three full years and includes topics ranging from poetry, art and creativity to faith and spirituality to the DIY life, and more. 

⭐️   Monthly Netflix Party Movie Nights: What else is there to explain? Butter up your popcorn — let’s watch a movie together!

⭐️  Access to my Discord Server: Join myself and other members in a safe and private online community where you can hang out and get to know the whole club through my private Discord server.


The Front Row


Includes everything from previous tiers, plus:

⭐️   Track by Track Video Commentaries. Join me each week for a detailed commentary and reflection on the meaning and vision behind each and every track that I've ever released — including all of my albums, guest spots, features, and more.

⭐️   The Entire Written, Audio and Visual Archive: Access the complete LTP Weekly Archives — and gain access to over 130+ Audio and Video recordings of each week's letter. 

⭐️   Exclusive, storewide discounts on every new Levi The Poet release – be it a t-shirt or an album, physical or digital, old or new – you name it – for as long as you remain a Fraction member.

⭐️  Free, 50pg eBook. Correspondence (a commentary) — a book on the relationship between Belief and Creativity.

⭐️  Access to a growing, Fraction-Only Private Music Playlist. Life is loud. Drown out the noise with this specially curated Fraction-Only Spotify Playlist.


Backstage Pass


Includes everything from previous tiers, plus:

⭐️   Levi's Complete, Digital Discography.  Every month – for as long as you remain a Fraction member – you'll receive a free digital download of one of my albums, beginning with the newest, and moving backward through his entire collection. 

⭐️  Behind The Scenes, Drafts, and Early Releases. You'll get a first look at new chapters and lyrics, written drafts and commentary, including exclusive behind-the-scenes chances to experience and participate in the creative process. Oh, and you'll get early access to... everything.

⭐️   Private Listening Parties. When new releases are on the way, you'll receive free entry into our private, online listening parties. 

⭐️  Never-Released Live Show Footage. Enjoy live, high-definition video recordings of seven never-before-released Correspondence (a fiction) performance pieces.

⭐️  High School Rap Tracks. Have the opportunity to access and laugh at five rap songs that I wrote lyrics and beats for in high school, and recorded as a teenager in my bedroom at my parent's house.


The Office


Limited. 0 of 10 remaining. Includes everything from previous tiers, plus:

⭐️ A Monthly, Hour-Long, 1-on-1 Video Chat where we can talk about whatever you want! Want me to go over your writing with you? Answer creative, how-to and/or business questions you might have about getting your project off the ground? I can give advice or just hang out. You tell me.

Please note: I’ll reach out to schedule our meeting following the start of your subscription, and we’ll lock our dates and times into the calendar together!


Current Goal: 157 of 200 Members

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