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Check out my new Fall 2022 Holiday Drop* below. Everything is listed at 20% off now through Monday. (No discount code necessary.)

You can also join The Fraction Club — my Patreon — for exclusives and more, here.

Thank you for supporting my art and my livelihood.

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(All apparel unisex sizing.)

Ghost Circle Hoodie

50.00 40.00


Be Ghosts T-Shirt

35.00 28.00


Mustard Lungs Beanie

25.00 20.00


Heavy Hope Diner

23.00 20.00


Heavy Ghost Poster

From 22 From 18



Holy Ghost Campground Prints

Available in a range of sizes • Comes unframed • Printed on museum-quality thick, durable, matte paper





*Please note: This Fall 2022 Black Friday Holiday Drop is a pre-order. We'll be collecting all inventory for print after the sales weekend, and shipping after that. There are no guarantees your order will arrive by Christmas, but I will be providing an "I-Owe-You" recording to all purchasers so that your loved ones know their gift is on the way. Standalone prints/posters will be delivered sooner than apparel and ceramics. We will be shipping on an ASAP-basis that will continue into February 2023.


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Most Godawful Coffee Mug

25.00 22.00


Wild God Crewneck

40.00 32.00


Please Stay Windbreaker

55.00 44.00


Let God Tee

30.00 24.00


Please Stay Tee

30.00 24.00


Young Enough Tee

30.00 24.00


It's All Worth Living For

Introducing my first-ever book, a coffee-table gallery featuring 10+ years of poetry, prose, journal entries, essays, photography, illustration, handwritten commentary and artwork. Available Now.

It’s All Worth Living For Book — $49 $39



πŸ“š The Book

Size: 8.5 X 11”
— Cover: 130# Polar Bear Velvet
— Text: 100# Accent Opaque Smooth
— Binding: PB 11” Way



The Signature Edition + Bookmark— $69 $59


πŸ“š The Book

πŸ–‹ Signature Edition
πŸ”– The Bookmark: Art Print (an exclusive 2x7" print design on heavy-duty cardstock)



Embossed & Numbered Signature Edition + Handwritten Note Inside — $99

πŸ“š Limited, Embossed Book Cover
(Only 100 Available!)
πŸ–‹ Signature Edition
✍️ Handwritten Note For You on the Inside Cover
πŸ”– The Bookmark: Art Print (an exclusive 2x7" print design on heavy-duty cardstock)


(Public release sold out. Available to members of The Fraction Club — sign up here.)

Vinyl Records

Cataracts Vinyl Record + Digital Download

17.00 20.00


Ferment / Debris [LMTD 500] + Digital Download

12.75 15.00