To human beings interested in hosting and promoting tour dates / booking Levi The Poet events... would you like to have me in your city / town / country? I'd love to hear from you. 

Below, you'll find answers to all FAQs I could think to include. Not every detail will be applicable to your show / event / tour / festival / inquiry, but hopefully it'll be a helpful overview. 

If I've missed anything — or if you've got special requests — don't hesitate to reach out

Currently Booking:
Fall/Winter 2021/2022



In 2020, I released a book commemorating the ten-year anniversary of Levi The Poet Beginning this fall, I'd like to do what the pandemic made impossible: 

A book tour. 

Simple. Stripped down. Intimate. 

In my mind, I picture an evening / location that people will find cozy and enjoyable.

Perhaps one that includes wine, or cocktails, or a nice brew, or hot chocolate, or coffee.

Perhaps you're a crazy person who loves a good charcuterie board?

Small capacity, private shows in unique spaces — living rooms, churches, art galleries, community spaces, motorcycle shops, small venues, etc. 

An experience that you and your friends might enjoy whether or not there's a poet present.

Just some ideas, of course. I'm open to yours, as well. But a man can dream. 

Let me know if you'd like to host a book reading / poetry performance in your neck of the woods. Please include your city/state in the subject line, and we'll start putting it together. 

I'm excited to be getting back on the road after such a long time away. See you soon.


Let's make it happen. If you've got a question and/or great idea not addressed above, please share it! We only have one, wild life to live, after all. 

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